New American Tree  offers a variety of services to help you to have a safer property and beautiful  trees. Some trees are not safe to have around the house and the play area. Especially when the natural storm come, for that reason we are around 24hours 7 days a week to help you to keep your family safe in your property. We are specialized in removing damaged trees, dead, rotten trees and also trees with diseases. There is no tree that we cannot deal with. When we talk about beauty, New American Tree will also offer the best tree services in the area to maintain the health of your tree. Pruning and trimming will remove dead branches and give a clear look to your tree. Also do Tree removals and grind the stump and you can never tell that was a tree there before. We work with professionalism to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

New American Tree have all equipments needed to do a clean and efficient work on your property. We can remove all the wood logs and wood chips from your property with no time, and also do an excellent final clean up, and leave your yard as clean as new.

We have bucket trucks and cranes that can access almost every tree in the property, and we are glad to offer a great professional tree climbers work as well.

With New American Tree residential customers have all they need in one company, and that is what make us so unique.

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